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"Very well prepared, punctual, and seems to be able to relate easily to the pupil."

— Tim from Caerwent


"With Daniel's support my daughter managed to get a grade C.  She was a grade E.  Highly recommended."

— Lee from Chepstow


"Cameron has benefitted hugely from Dan`s tutoring over the last 6months. His calm style, ability to explain maths very well and use of resources has ensured that Cameron has been confident going into his GCSE exams."

— Tim from Chepstow


"Daniel is very good at explaining things simply, which is proving extremely useful for my daughter who really struggles with GCSE maths. He has only been here twice, and turns up on time and starts work straight.  I would definitely recommend to anyone."

— Debbie from Woolaston


"Daniel has done an excellent job of improving my son`s confidence ready for his A-levels.   Very supportive and a fantastic approach that really helped my son to raise his expectations.  Highly recommended."

— Nick from Magor

"After failing my maths exam in the Summer, I had Dan tutoring me for my resit in November once a week, I was then able to get my C grade in maths. He's very patient and great for anyone looking for a maths tutor, I really do recommend!"

— Jess from Chepstow


"I failed my maths exam (again) in Summer 2016 but Dan gladly helped me with the areas that I was struggling with most and I finally managed to pass last November thanks to him. I would recommend him because he's a great tutor."

— Sinead, Chepstow

We realised in year 10 that she was struggling with her GCSE maths, she was in the bottom set in her year group and predicted to get a C But even that was optimistic.  We we used another tutor in year 10 without any real progress being made and found Dan on here at the start of year 11. As you would expect from a qualified teacher, his work with B was very structured and methodical and her progress and boost to her confidence with greater understanding was excellent as a result.  He was also able to be flexible on occasion when teenage life interfered with set arrangements.  Not only are we now quietly confident of an A in August, our daughter is now actually interested in studying Maths at A level. If she does we will ask Dan to continue his work with her as it was so valuable to her.  Our only regret is that we didn't find Dan at the start of year 10.  I would unreservedly recommended Dan to anyone thinking of getting additional help in this key subject area.

- Nial, Bulwark


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